Hospitality Staffing


Hospitality Staffing

Providing a valuable workforce asset is a two-step process: first, hiring the right people, and secondly, managing them properly. Matrixlloyd Staffing Solutions achieves both. Through selective grass roots recruiting Matrixlloyd ensures you receive motivated, attentive personnel. To manage our greatest asset, Matrixlloyd assigns each hotel, resort, or casino we serve with a supervisor as that property’s point of contact. The supervisor recruits new talent, conducts new employee orientation, and functions as the day-to-day conduit between the property and Matrixlloyd.

Matrixlloyd supports our 125 Account Supervisors with 20 Area Managers/Directors and 6 Vice Presidents. This field infrastructure ensures attentive local service from the national leader.

At properties where Matrixlloyd provides complete outsourcing of the housekeeping department, our Corporate Director of Housekeeping oversees the department, ensuring we recruit, train, and staff room attendants appropriately to meet our clients’ needs.

We help companies turnaround their non-profitable ventures into something that benefits them. Our specialty lies in understanding what makes a company special and what makes it tick.

Areas of Expertise

Matrixlloyd’s hotel recruiters have placed candidates in senior and mid-level executive positions, including: General Managers, Financial Controllers, Directors of Room Operations, Food and Beverage Directors, Directors of Sales and Marketing, and other positions critical to the success of a hotel operation. In addition, our hospitality recruitment consultants have worked with clients representing different types of properties within the hospitality industry, including luxury properties, destination resorts, and upscale hotel chains.

The one constant about the restaurant industry is constant change. New dining concepts, new restaurant operators, new markets—these are the industry trends that remain true year after year. In such a turbulent and competitive environment, the success of a restaurant depends entirely on its people and their ability to execute the concept as consistently and wonderfully as possible.

The restaurant recruiters at Matrixlloyd work with leading restaurant groups to find the best people for both front and back of the house opportunities, as well as corporate and regional positions. Matrixlloyd has worked with a broad range of clients, including fine dining restaurants, independent restaurateurs, and restaurant chains.

Matrixlloyd’s restaurant executive searches have placed candidates in positions including: Executive Chef, Sous Chef, General Manager, VP Operations, Controller, Director of Finance, Pastry Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager, Sommelier, and Maitre d’.

Matrixlloyd has consulted for many of the most exclusive clubs in Europe. These clubs include Platinum and Distinguished Clubs, country and golf clubs, city, beach and private dining clubs.

Global has conducted many successful executive searches for numerous key positions specifically for private clubs, including: Managing Director, General Manager, Membership Director, Clubhouse Manager, Membership Director, Executive Chef and Sous Chefs, Director of Catering, Operations Manager, Catering Manager, Director of Sales, and other positions critical to the ongoing success of Global clients.

Due to the often-confidential nature of the searches, Matrixlloyd has a dedicated specialist with over 10 years of private club experience. His expertise in this area will enable him to source and present exceptional candidates for you to meet.

Understanding club governance and operations, member-driven business models, as well as recognizing the importance of working with Boards and Volunteer Committees ~ all of this wisdom and experience makes Matrixlloyd’s Global staff an ideal choice for you to find someone who will be the perfect fit for your club.

Food service is one of the biggest industries in the UK and the world. There is significant growth projected for this industry over the next 10 years, and Matrixlloyd works with clients in every sector of the food service industry. Types of food service contracts can include those with sports arenas, cultural institutions, theme parks, convention facilities, corporate catering, educational institutions, and airline catering.

Matrixlloyd recruiters work with clients across Europe and the world on executive searches to ensure that clients are matched with the most ideal candidates for their organizations. In the world of managed services, where catering kitchens and banquet facilities can feed thousands of people, greater emphasis is placed on volume production experience, organizational skills, and budget management than in restaurant settings.

Some of the key positions for which Matrixlloyd’s food service recruiters have made placements include: General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Director of Operations, Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Pastry Chef, Director of Catering, Food and Beverage Director, and Director of Technology. In larger operations, our recruiting firm has placed candidates in corporate management positions such as Vice Presidents and other senior management roles.

While Las Vegas might appear to be the epicenter of the casino universe in North America, there is a surprising diversity of settings for casinos throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Types of casinos include riverboat casinos, dockside casinos, tribal casinos, limited-stakes casinos, and racetrack casinos, in addition to the more commonly known land-based casinos.

Matrixlloyd has worked with casino clients all over the world. Casino management positions can have similar titles and responsibilities to hotel management positions, but there are differences in the types of customers, the particular scope of the food and beverage operations, and the inherent cultural differences between hotels as a place for respite and casinos as a place for entertainment and nightlife.

In most people’s minds, the world of private service typically includes working on splendid estates owned by the very wealthy in a manner reminiscent of the movie, “The Remains of the Day”. In reality, the settings can vary tremendously, and can include urban or more bucolic settings.

The size and scope of the activities and amenities offered by these estates can rival those offered by small, ultra-chic hotels. Matrixlloyd serve clients who may have very particular, and sometimes very demanding, sets of requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet these requirements in the most thoroughly professional and confidential manner.

To date, Matrixlloyd has been quite successful at recruiting the perfect candidate for a broad range of positions, including Estate Managers, Butlers, Personal Chefs, Executive Housekeepers and Chief Engineers.

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